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The Uncomfortable Truth

This video I watched today (“The Uncomfortable Truth of Being a Black Ballerina”) got me thinking about a lot of difficult to define, mostly hidden and easily-ignored issues of perception in the Western world…

There seem to be SO many divisive beliefs interwoven into the dense fabric of our various cultures that we are blissfully unaware of as massively problematic… it’s almost TOO overwhelming to consider fully and, for a moment, made me feel quite hopeless about the state and trajectory of humanity.

I do believe (perhaps naïvely) that things are changing — albeit far too slowly — AND I have a (perhaps naïve) belief in the “99 Monkey” effect of unity consciousness being a simpler solution than attacking it all head-on; because over time it seems to naturally unravel and dissolve the many “normal” and “acceptable” biased, bigoted, racist, sexist, classist (etc) threads within us that bind us in problematic divisiveness and cause cyclic, apathetic responses to the need for change…

But of course, the challenge is that anything like “unity consciousness” is just new-age, hippy, woo-woo bullshit to most people… so I don’t know how we get past that to be honest.

AND, maybe holding onto this hope is just another way of sticking my head in the sand and hoping it all goes away, because maybe I’m still lost in cyclic, apathetic responses to the need for change myself.

So I guess I’ll start there.

What thread of divisiveness and destructive cultural bias can I unravel within myself today?

Growing up I spent a decade in the world of classical ballet and probably had unknown racist and, most definitely, extremely specific shape-ist beliefs about beauty in the context of that culture. So THIS beautiful ballerina (that Love is expressing as) is unravelling another of my own threads today (thank you).

The difficulty of the journey is that the more we dig, the more we find. So clearly there are many, many more threads still to unravel…

…But any start is a good start.


Click here to watch “The Uncomfortable Truth of Being A Black Ballerina”