Coaching Session (strategies to get un-stuck faster!)


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Feel stuck?

Sometimes having an experienced person to help you gain a new perspective on an issue, and also provide clear, proven action steps to take to get beyond that issue, can make all the difference … and this coaching session is exactly that.

My sessions assist clients to let go of the old, unsupportive constructs and bring in the new; to begin living from a supportive paradigm of core wellbeing in all areas—body, mind, relationships, business and more.

My training covers a broad range of challenges, but I have the most experience resolving emotional (mental health) issues such as anxiety, low self-esteem, difficult memories, lovelessness, rejection, hopelessness, lack of direction, disconnection, loneliness, depression, apathy and anger. Often, in dealing with these emotional issues, other areas of life become much easier to improve as well—as was the case with my own life and the lives of all that I’ve assisted.


  • Sessions are online via Skype, Zoom or a Facebook Video Call.
  • Sessions are typically between 45-90 minutes.
  • Available times will be communicated within 24 hours of payment.
  • Coaching slots occur between 10am-7pm (AEST), Monday-Friday.
  • Feel free to check/book available times before payment.