The Book-Based Business (a treasure map for mission-driven souls)


A seriously kickass guide (for people on a mission!) that gives away my secret strategies—detailing exactly how to write a purpose-driven book and create a profitable heart-centered business around it in 2 weeks… or less!


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“The Book-Based Business is a treasure map for mission-driven souls who want to change the world and pay their bills at the same time!”

For coaches, counsellors, healthcare practitioners, journalists, entrepreneurs, new authors and anyone else on a MISSION to create positive change in the world, this book was written for you…

It’s an engaging guide that reveals my personal secrets on how to easily write your own book AND create a profitable business around it (OR use a self-published book to greatly enhance your current business).

Here are some of the topics covered…

✓ Stories of success

✓ Personal branding tips

✓ 5 simple steps for writing a book in 2 weeks (or less!)

✓ How to use the power of a great first impression

✓ Common mistakes to avoid

✓ How to launch a book

✓ The simplest way to publish and distribute your book

✓ 3 different ways to get your book on Amazon

✓ Anatomy of a seriously kickass, high-sales website

✓ The key components of promotion

✓ Free advertising techniques

✓ Scaling your online business

✓ Automating your sales process

✓ The routines for riches

✓ And more



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