Artist, author, music maker and interactive creator.

I love creating. There are days where I literally find it hard to breathe if I have gone too long without some sort of creative noodling at the least.

I love the process of taking a blank canvas, a blank page, an empty song file or even a blank code file, and creating something that didn’t exist before — hopefully something meaningful, beautiful or helpful and, on a rare day, something that is all three.

I write books about the intersection of spirituality and wellbeing, compose music and songs in various genres, and paint contemporary figurative style artworks with a passion for trying to capture dance and movement.

And, as a digital designer by trade, I also dabble in online tech, games and interactives. I once created a fun video game called “Husky Harry and the Bones of Merlin” but these days I’m mostly interested in creating experiences and products that contribute to wellbeing in some way.

blisslist appMy latest project is “BlissList“, a simple app based on a concept I’ve used for many years on and off (and wrote about in my book “The Journey Back to Bliss“) — because putting daily focus on small, easy, good-feeling activities seems to be the simplest way to spiral your wellbeing upwards.

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