The Holy Grail of Finding Happiness

Sometimes, when things just aren\’t working for us, we need to start fresh. It\’s like old an old PC that simply needs it\’s whole operating system upgraded — we need to upgrade our whole personal modus operandi…

When I started my journey I tried temporary resets, such as moving to another state — and that helped for a little while, but then eventually I found myself with the same set of issues and deep unhappiness. I also removed recreational drugs and alcohol from my lifestyle because I knew those things were taking me on an emotional and chemical rollercoaster that was making it very difficult to attain happiness. However, this still didn\’t solve the problem (although it did enable me to think clearly enough to continue my journey).

So I realised that it wasn\’t really anything external that needed modifying. Rather, it was my internal approach to life (which is determined by my personal beliefs) that was the most important factor in this game of life.

The New Goal

The new goal is to learn to feel the bliss and \’Magic\’ in our personal experience of life… in other words, to overcome depression, anxiety and stress and simply find happiness, serenity and fulfillment.

Please note an important distinction here — I\’m not talking about seeking one-off amazing events that create extreme euphoria and then leave us with an emotional hangover the following day, month or year. I\’m talking about instigating real change in our perception and experience of everyday life.

The Old Problem

We often get so lost in our sense of self — projecting our beliefs and ideas about life as an intrinsic part of who we are, rather than just seeing them as programs given to us by others that we can edit, update or irradicate completely if they fail us. Then we lose sight of our bliss — justifying our depressing existence with those same beliefs and subconsciously seeking out “proof” that our life experience is limited to those beliefs.

The Simple Solution

I have discovered that there are often just 2 thoughts separating those who are uninspired (disatisfied, depressed, addicted and even suicidal — I was all of these) and those who are inspired (happy, successful, content, evolving)… These 2 key mental directives create a seemingly “magical” pathway that can lead even the worst-case individual to an experience of daily bliss (which is where I find myself these days). Sure, you\’ll still have some rough days (especially when you\’re starting out), but I promise you that it gets better … and better … and BETTER as time goes on.

The 2 Key Mental Directives

Please don\’t mistake the simplicity of this for a lack of depth or importance — this is the holy grail of overcoming any level of depression and finding happiness as far as my life is concerned, and I believe it can have the same effect in your life if you\’ll put it into practice.

These are the two thoughts, or mental directives that we need to install (like a computer program) to \’upgrade\’ our minds…

  1. I am learning life\’s lessons — seeing \’bad experiences\’ as good teachers and \’good experiences\’ as signposts — and will seek out a new approach to life if my current approach isn\’t working or bringing me the feeling of natural bliss.
  2. I am proactive — taking as many small steps as I can easily manage — and will seek out all the actionable commonalities of success which bring me the feeling of natural bliss, not singular interpretations or unsupported views which offer me little or no sense of bliss.

How to \’Upgrade\’ Your Mind

The easiest way is to use these 2 directives as DAILY affirmations (I actually recommend twice daily — as soon as you wake up and just before you go to sleep) which you say out loud (with conviction and determination!) and/or perhaps write it out each day until you know it almost word-for-word and feel like it\’s fully \’installed\’ (I often hear a new program \’playing\’ in my head without actively thinking about it, which is when I know that I\’ve \’upgraded\’ that belief).

Also, I suggest copying them into a document, making the text size as large as you can whilst still fitting them on one page, print it out and stick it on your wall where you\’ll see it clearly every day. If you don\’t want to put it up in your office, then perhaps print it with smaller text onto some card that you can cut out and stick in your wallet (and look at several times a day). Whatever you do, it\’s important to keep focussed on it, because it won\’t come naturally to your mind at first.

I can\’t give you a specific timeframe to place your expectation on, because for some people this \’upgrade\’ happens very quickly and for others it takes a little longer. However, although it\’s definitely not an overnight process, it definitely is worth sticking at it because once your view on life has been \’upgraded\’ your whole life experience will be totally transformed into something infinitely more blissful than you have experienced before. And, no matter how long it takes, you will notice incremental improvements along the way too.

A Very Important Tip

Don\’t fight your old \’programs\’ and beliefs. The basic construct of your mind is set up to protect itself, so if you try to fight an established belief, it will actually \’fortify\’ itself more strongly and be far more difficult to upgrade. Instead, when you find your old beliefs resurfacing, just gently acknowledge them by thinking (or saying) something like “Yes, okay, I acknowledge that\’s how I thought in the past, but now times have changed and I\’m opening my mind to upgrade to thoughts and beliefs that \’serve\’ me better” … or perhaps simplify it to T. Harv Eker\’s favourite “Okay, thanks for sharing!” and then simply allow the thought to mentally pass you by like leaves in a stream.

First, you have to disassociate yourself from the thoughts and beliefs (your mind is just a tool that you use, not your actual self), then all this becomes very easy.

I guess some people might call this process enlightenment — but that word seems to lack emotional impact in my mind, so I just call it feeling the \’The Magic\’.

Happy travels!

Matt Mahalo

. . .

P.S. Please click here for more information about this process of overcoming depression and finding happiness in your own life experience.

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