Finding Your Purpose

This just came up in conversation and I thought it might be useful to share these thoughts on FINDING YOUR PURPOSE…

After trying for years (unsuccessfully) to get some sort of magical “intuitive” understanding of my purpose I came to realise it was pretty straight forward.

I simply mix …
[a] what I passionately LOVE doing with
[b] HELPING people in
[c] the areas of difficulty that I\’ve PERSONALLY OVERCOME
… then it all became crystal clear.

I\’d love to hear if this works for you, or if you have a similar (or different!) approach?

It\’s important to realise that we don\’t have to be a genius or a guru in any area to be helpful or “on purpose” — if you\’re one step ahead of someone else in a challenging area of life, then you\’ve got some thing valuable to offer.

The other important consideration is that ANY way you can lift people\’s vibration then you\’re on purpose — it doesn\’t have to be complicated, “spiritual”, formulaic, formalised, “ordained” or fit into any pre-approved “box” that others may recommend. If you love it and it helps people, just do it. If it feels great and it works, just do it.

NEVER wait for anyone to give you the thumbs up and IGNORE anyone who tries to pull you down (including yourself! haha).

As a final note; I think it\’s also worth being cautious of losing yourself in the drive to “monetise” your passion/purpose. So many people are out there trying to sell books and courses on this subject and I think this can be extremely problematic. Don\’t get me wrong, I\’d be the first person to admit that I\’d love to earn all my income from my books and courses, but if I make this the primary objective, I\’d be highly likely to give it up — because it often takes a lot of time and consistent effort to build a new income stream like that…. and in some cases, it\’d be almost impossible to earn an income directly from your purpose-driven activities.

I know some people who are called simply to meditate, lift their own vibration in order to lift our global vibe, and who\’s going to pay for that? I do believe your needs can be met miraculously, but if you are relying solely on donations, you might go hungry sometimes!

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