From Deep Distress to Peaceful Impermanence

Lately I\’ve had some truly distressing conversations with people very close and dear to me…

Distressing because of the insane cyclic nature of their thoughts — thoughts that can only generate more and more suffering for them.
Distressing because they seem so disconnected from the possibility of okay-ness, due to their absolute identification with their version of “how things are” from a distorted perspective.
Distressing because when we\’re lost in that place of complete identification with our own thoughts, we can\’t even entertain the idea that “I can be okay, right here, right now, no matter what.”
Distressing because they\’re so intent on replaying the past and locking themselves into a tiny cage of limitation and separation.
Distressing because I still see some of that in me at times.
We\’ve all been there.

But that\’s where HOPE arises for me…

Because I (like many of us) have been completely lost, wandering blindly in my own illusion and thought-identification (to the point of being suicidal many times), and yet these days I feel more “found”. These days I feel less distracted by cyclic lies and more open to the blissful truth of Being.
I\’ve realised that…
“Lost” is always temporary.
“Found” is the constant beneath it all.
Rather than needing a map to get “out of here” and arrive “somewhere else”, more and more I am just joyously sitting in the wilderness and realising it\’s the place of all possibilities — a place we never left, but we just forgot.
Nothing about this life experience is permanent… other than I AM — the highest version of our Self — silently, curiously, peacefully, blissfully watching, loving and accepting.
Ultimately, like many of us, our loved ones may too need to climb the mountain of suffering to see the valley of peace.
We all get there in the end.
P.S. If you or your loved ones are suffering at this time, I send you much love. It\’s so challenging to watch or experience, but try to remember that we are all loved, that it is all temporary, and that bliss awaits us all…. if we can just let go of the illusion; little by little, piece by piece, moment by moment, thought by thought.
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