Momentary Miracles & Habitual Energy Patterns

A quick story…

So for the most part of my life I\’ve had really tight hamstrings and, even if I was stretching, I could barely bend down and touch my knees most days. But last night something kinda crazy happened.

I was in a short but deep meditation and felt to express my gratitude for the health that I do have, to express gratitude for every aspect of my physical body—especially my spine (the communication highway of my body!), and to bless it with pure Source energy.

After a short while doing this, I noticed the discomfort I regularly feel in my lower spine start to dissipate—to basically melt away. It didn\’t go completely, but noticing this, I stood up and immediately bent down and touched half way down my shins. Now, for most people this is nothing exciting at all, but for me?? This was practically a miracle.

This made me laugh out loud.

It was a great joyous laugh—and, with the fervour of a child tasting ice-cream for the first time, I exclaimed “everything really IS energy!”. (It might have been embarrassing if people were watching! haha).

You see, for a long time I\’ve mentally assented to the idea that everything is energy and that everything has an energetic basis for being (including blocked or denser energy forms creating our lack of wellbeing at times), but perhaps I hadn\’t completely, full-heartedly and genuinely believed or embodied it… well, not 100% anyway.

So, after a bit of a celebratory spirit dance and a laugh and a lot more gratitude, I eventually went to bed. But the next day I woke up and my flexibility was almost back to where it was previously.

And this got me pondering:

“Why is it that people have short-lived break-throughs?”

Almost immediately the words “habitual energy patterns” popped into my head and, ever the empty-cup student, I asked “what the hell does that mean?!?” haha… but actually, I already knew what that meant.

This is the same concept I\’d heard numerous times before — often with different words around it, but the same idea nonetheless. A well-known example is Rupert Sheldrake\’s Morphic Resonance theory:

“Morphic Resonance is a process whereby self-organising systems inherit a memory from previous similar systems. In its most general formulation, morphic resonance means that the so-called laws of nature are more like habits.”

So what\’s the takeaway from all this?

I could deep dive with this and explore and extrapolate the meaning of habitual energy patterns, but I think it\’s pretty straight-forward…

It\’s like cardio exercise or running; keep doing it and your physical fitness will rise to optimal levels. Or like self-talk; spend years telling yourself you always figure it out, and—you guessed it—you\’re likely to always be able to figure it out, no matter what.

The only thing is, with energy, its more far-reaching than these personal, external habits, and often far less conscious. Energy patterns can be inherited from your parents, from your peers, from what you often watch and listen to, from your culture, your community and ultimately the entire organism of humanity to some extent.

So, what this means is…

  1. Without a continued conscious re-focussing of our energy, beliefs and thoughts, our experience will be the result of our previous habitual energy patterns—most of which are completely unconscious and out of our control.
  2. Some things take time and a lot more “digging around” than we\’d probably like, in order to find, clear and replace any “stuck” energy patterns — stories, beliefs, memories, thoughts and anything else that hinders the flow of pure Source energy and our inherent possibility of wholeness, love and bliss.

To be honest, this second bit isn\’t my favourite because in the past I\’ve always been that guy that seeks the holy grail — the ultimate panacea — but it seems clear to me now. Either seek out skilled light workers who can help you uncover and clear patterns, blocks and dense, coagulated energy forms in your system, or learn how to do it yourself. Then put in the time to clear them and weave yourself into new habitual energy patterns.

Of course, sometimes your environment might make it challenging to maintain this sort of continued re-focussing. Sometimes you might need to make some radical changes. But, we must be careful not to confuse those big changes (like moving cities, getting a new job, or finding more supportive friends, etc), for the real work that we need to do — finding daily gratitude for what we DO have, raising our own vibration through food, fun and focus, and the ongoing conscious intermeshing of our own soul into more positive energy patterns.

As for me, well… I\’ve got some work to do!

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