Minimalism: if not for our own sanity, for the world.

I\’ve been relatively minimalist for a while now, but after selling and giving away 99% of my remaining “stuff”, I feel so incredibly liberated and realise how VERY little we really need and how VERY little all that stuff contributes to happiness — quite the contrary in many cases!

My blissfully empty house, just before leaving for a totally minimalist lifestyle.

“The paradox of course, is that if you choose the path of LESS, you will all receive MORE.”
From Shaltazar\’s “Opportunity for a New Humanity

PLUS, for those of us blessed with any level of financial abundance, reducing our need for financial outgoings offers the wonderful opportunity to channel that overflow into something truly useful — something that contributes to the increased quality of life for those less fortunate, rather than into something unnecessary like (in my case) renting a larger space to fit a bunch of stuff in!

But it doesn\’t have to require a seemingly “radical” step like I\’m taking right now…


You don\’t have to go live in a tent, #vanlife or even a tiny house necessarily…

I know that if you\’ve got a family — especially small kids — to consider, you may feel that you need much of the stuff and the space that it occupies…

But consider a small step with a BIG impact: if each one of us reduced our outgoings by ONLY $10/week and systematically and consistently put that savings towards something like Charity Water and other genuine charities, we could potentially end much of the world\’s more serious problems, one by one…. in just a matter of a few years.

Now THAT is certainly something worth considering!

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