Buoyant (how to effortlessly rise above struggle)


Move beyond struggle and suffering to a life that effortlessly brings you back to bliss.

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Move beyond struggle and suffering to a life that effortlessly brings you back to bliss.

This book shares the author’s story of secret struggles and a miraculous transformational experience which irrevocably eradicated those struggles in a single moment. It explains the steps taken to get there and offers a pathway that anyone can take to drop the weights of life, “crank the flame” and lift off into the incredible space of all possibilities — a space without depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and addiction, where the sharp teeth of our past no longer bites us, and where we naturally rise above the stress of everyday life.

“A mix of modern psychology, ancient wisdom and spiritual exploration, Buoyant is a helpful guide for virtually anyone wishing to not only attain emotional equilibrium and gain a deeper understanding of their innate potential, but also go beyond mere management of symptoms to a life which ever draws them upward to higher states of being and bliss.”

Particularly, this book will most benefit those who experience any form of chronic or sporadic emotional suffering (and my own “bleak-to-blissful” story certainly attests to this).

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