The Journey Back to Bliss

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90-day plan to reframe your life and overcome depression naturally.
—182 pages

It’s time to put an end to stress and depression. Learn helpful lessons in personal change plus easy ways to relax and re-energise your mind and emotions. Transform your life one step at a time with this simple, practical guide on how to take control of your whole life experience. “It appears that the mechanics of change are relatively simple once you know how, and it’s possible to re-discover passion and positivity in your own life without an unscalable mountain of effort. I now see with fresh eyes a kind of ‘magic’ already hidden in our daily existence which can be unlocked with the keys in this easy-to-read book.” In The Journey Back, you’ll not only hear the personal story of my struggle with depression, but also learn the 13 steps that brought me back to bliss — with a 90-day plan to ensure you can fully embody these new ideas and move towards the change you’re looking for.

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