Easy Now, Easy Later

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Paperback, 298 pages.

One of the simplest ways to improve wellbeing.


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Discover the remarkable simplicity of an upward spiral to improve your quality of life, and the ease and impact of leveraging innate brain function with intentional focus — engaging the salience network to bring you a better experience on autopilot.

In Easy Now, Easy Later, you’ll learn how certain small, easy actions can be enough to reset your internal trajectory and create a powerful upward spiral; improving your wellbeing, health, and overall life experience.

Drawing on proven research in neuroscience and psychology, as well as timeless wisdom, this book reveals a process for re-directing our focus and gaining access to peace and progress — even when nothing else in life seems to have changed dramatically in the present moment.

Explore the four quadrants of wellbeing — Health, Community, Creativity, and Spirituality — and learn how to cultivate contentment and gratitude in everyday life.

Easy Now, Easy Later is a practical guide that offers super simple, actionable steps to help you feel at peace, overcome challenges like depression or anxiety, build self-confidence, leverage addictive behaviours in a positive way and embrace a life of gentle bliss. In fact, there’s only really one thing you need to do, and it’s easier than you think.

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