Today I met Jesus at the Ferry Terminal

Today I met Jesus at the ferry terminal, sitting down with an orange juice…

He said “do you know who I am?” — but not in an egoic or condescending way, just in a kind of curious tone. He talked about the Divine (calling it “dad”) and spoke in fluent scripture like it was his native tongue. He directly quoted things that Jesus had said (according to the Bible anyway) in the first person, and whilst he never said he was Jesus per se, there was a definite inference there for sure.

He said he was leaving on the 10.55 and will be back “to judge the living and the dead”. It would have been laughable if it wasn\’t for the pure confidence in his speech and the unnerving sincerity in his tone.

Living on an island I\’m kind of used to meeting odd folk who have escaped from the wilds of city life, but this was still a unique and genuinely surprising moment. My initial reaction was to assume that he was a delusional schizophrenic, but the more he spoke, the more I realised he was radiating a kind of unspeakable joy about him. I almost want to say that he had a “glow” about him, but that might be taking it too far … Regardless, if anyone could have been the reincarnate of Jesus in this lifetime, perhaps it could have been him?

Don\’t get me wrong, I\’m not saying I totally believed him (and later on he gave me a St Anthony medal and said that he was Anthony, so that kind-of confuses the message a little), but what REALLY struck me was one simple idea…

According to our beliefs, we manifest our expression.

You see, here was this dude, in full performance mode (or complete association with the character Jesus) and yet I could FEEL divinity pouring through him. Regardless of what was “true” or not, I could really feel what he believed. As he spoke, I sensed his oneness with the Infinite. And even long after he left, I could still feel the lingering presence of something far greater than mere humanity.

Was this just wishful thinking? Maybe. But needless to say, if there are Divine moments (and I do believe there are), this was certainly one of them.

So where does this all lead to?

We all have the capacity to express Divinity.

It has nothing to do with who you are or who you were, it has everything to do with what you believe. You see, personally I believe that every single one of us has the capacity to express Divinity — both in our own lives and, more importantly, projecting into the lives of others.

What Anthony/Jesus showed me today was that we just have to KNOW it with absolute certainty: we are ALL ONE with the Divine. We are ALL the “Christed Ones” — the enabled, annointed, chosen conduits of the expression of the Most High. And from that place, we can nudge others\’ souls into a greater level of awakening!

Between you and me, I\’m secretly hoping I\’ll meet Siddhartha Gautama next time at the ferry terminal, but Jesus is alright by me too I guess! haha

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