Why We Are Losing Our Jobs

There\’s a still fair bit of hoo-haa around at the moment about the GFC — and no, that\’s not “Global Fried Chicken”, it\’s the Global Financial Crisis … Although, I don\’t believe it\’s a crisis at all…

Actually, I think it\’s a gift.

But there\’s something rather shocking about being told that the way you\’re viewing life is wrong. So I won\’t do that. Mainly because “wrong” is subjective anyway (that means that it depends who you are and what your past experiences and beliefs are as to whether YOU think something is specifically “right” or “wrong”).

So, moving on… Just close your eyes for a moment (after reading this!) and see all your thoughts about money and your job and the GFC as images or objects on a big video screen in your mind. Then reach into your mind with a big remote control and imagine pressing a VERY BIG PAUSE BUTTON (or, better still, press the \’stop\’ button!). 

Now, hopefully you may be able to hear what I\’m saying a little more clearly now. The world is undergoing a big shake-up. The GFC (or whatever you want to call it) is just one part and one perception of that shake-up.

As I\’m a little short on time today, I\’m going to cut to the chase and say this… That, what if there was a Divine Intelligence (yes, you can call it God if that helps) that knew your soul\’s desires (which spring from your true purpose in this life) and was helping you to live those true desires? And, following on from that thought, what if part of that “help” meant that you were being hindered from doing things that are NOT aligned with your real purpose in life?

What if the road-blocks were really just “redirects”, pushing you towards something much greater?

So you have to ask yourself:

“If I didn\’t have to worry about paying bills and working in the traditional sense of the word, what would I truly LOVE to do?”

And then, once you\’ve got an answer or an idea that excites you (that feels like “The Magic” of life), you need to ask yourself two more questions:

1. “How can I do that and still pay my bills?”

2. “What\’s the first step towards doing that?”

Then just trust that it\’s going to work and take that first step — whatever it is. Of course, if your new plan is going to take some time before it earns you any cash, then don\’t give up your day-job just yet!

Okay, so maybe I\’ve over-simplified this whole idea and process (which is why I\’ve written a whole book about it!), but hopefully this will inspire you to change your view on the “bad” stuff that may be happening in and around your life right now.

Hey, thanks for reading!

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