Gratitude: The Master Key

Recently a thought occurred — what if I was to simply rely on the magic of gratitude to connect me to opportunities, rather than the myriad of overwhelming digital channels like FB, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, etc?

As a result, my income more than doubled in the last month, I’ve had a lot more free time and I’m feeling more peaceful than ever. And all that is certainly no coincidence.

Perhaps my marketing skills weren’t as good as I thought AND perhaps you’re not as obsessive about these things as I was, but the point is that we live in an inside-out world, and this obsession with this shallow digital space isn’t helping us nearly as much as we might think — but I can attest to the fact that it definitely IS harming us to some degree.

Of course, I remain in the middle because, much like some of you, the majority of my work requires the digital space to even exist. Perhaps that’s why I love designing physical things like books so much more than purely digital “things” like websites.

But I’m not here to talk about design and marketing (well, not today anyway! haha), I’m here to deep dive a little into the idea that gratitude is the “Master Key” to expanding bliss, wellbeing, love and abundance in our lives — in fact, ANYTHING we desire more of…

Seek (to Observe) and You Shall Find

“A sub-atomic particle literally occupies an infinite number of places — a state called ‘super-position’ — until OBSERVATION MANIFESTS IT in one place…

…in Quantum Mechanics, a decision to look or not look actually determines what will be there. In this sense, an observers consciousness determines objective reality in the sub-atomic field.”

—Mitch Horowitz

THIS is one of the main reasons I believe gratitude is the MASTER KEY.

Staring into the Infinite Flux of Possibility

When we are grateful for something in our life (no matter how small it may appear right now — even just a bunch of sub-atomic wave-particles in flux that we can’t see with our eyes), then we are “observing it” or “measuring it” (as the quantum physicists say), and in doing so, we are manifesting it to some degree….

The more we observe something with charged e-motion (energy in motion), the more we manifest it as our personal reality.

This goes BOTH ways of course — with things we desire (gratitude) and things we reject (fear)… So let’s focus on gratitude!!

5 Reasons Why Gratitude is The Master Key

1. Frame of mind and focus
2. Law of attraction
3. Higher vibration and flow
4. Brings acceptance
5. Experiencing the timeless Self

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