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Matt MahaloFrom unbelievably bleak (diagnosed with clinical depression) to bounce-back buoyancy and bliss, Matt Mahalo has a pretty interesting story.

On his long journey to creating a happier and much more meaningful life, he has explored many options from traditional healthcare, western and eastern religions, mystical healings, read hundreds of books and finally arrived at an empowered place of choice and clarity over his mental health and day-to-day experience.

In the process of re-editing his third book “Buoyant“, having recently launched his 2nd book “80 Days of Bliss” as well as an updated version of his first book “The Journey Back to Bliss“, Matt will surely have some helpful thoughts to share with your audience about returning to the original path of deep meaning and true holistic wellness.

Having done much research, with a dramatic personal story and been featured in local/national newspapers, blogs and podcasts, Matt is a great candidate for a fascinating, deeply personal perspective on various mental health and wellbeing issues; from the very serious side of chronic depression, suicidal tendencies and latest research on the crucial links between diet and mental health, to the lighter side of the average person\’s search for more meaning and happiness in their everyday life.

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