Prayer: The Forgotten Art of Faith & Communion

“I stand in the place of the One who heals me.”
—Prayer by Carolyn Myss

My religious upbringing ruined me in a way…

But not in the way that you think perhaps. It actually taught me many great things that I am recently re-learning. One of these things is the forgotten art of prayer.

But there\’s definitely a subtle difference in the sort of prayers I\’d offer these days from how I prayed in the past. These days I more closely follow a format akin to how Carolyn Myss explains it in her video below…

It\’s without religious overtones, without specificity of distracting names and without any grovelling, asking, belittling of self or faithless statements of being unworthy or in need of forgiveness for an endless string of mistakes I will probably make all over again tomorrow.

So what is prayer to me these days?

  1. It\’s a statement of FAITH, coming from the place of already-there-ness.
  2. It\’s an acknowledgement of our position in the ONENESS of life.
  3. It\’s a RELEASE of control, a release of specificity, and an embrace of Divine Love.
  4. It is a humble statement of gratitude for what is ALREADY here for us, right now.

From this perspective, all you can do is a sort of wonderful “falling” into grace. And all it requires is to KNOW who you really are at your core—which is an individuated expression of the Divine—one with all love, peace, bliss, joy, wellbeing and healing.

Prayer is a sort of absorption—an allowing of your “stuff” to be dissipated and dissolved by your highest Self.

So how would I pray?

Just like Carolyn Myss\’ prayer; “I stand in the place of the One who heals me”, I love simple, humble yet confident and deeply grateful statements that acknowledge the powerlessness of the small self and the incredible nature of the Divine Self.

Mostly, my prayers contain a lot of “thank you” and “I am so grateful for…” and statements like the one above where I “stand” or “reside” or “rest” in the place of ultimate Truth.

I\’ll be covering more about these ultimate Truths in my upcoming book “Buoyant” which is soon to be published in the coming months, so I look forward to sharing it with you then!

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