The Life-Changing Power of Allowing Discomfort

With allowance and awareness, the feeling of “nothing is working” and “I don\’t understand why nothing is working” can easily become “This is the OPENING for the exact creation of experience I\’ve been longing for”.

How would that feel to look on every aspect of emptiness, confusion, brokenness, disarray and lack, and simply see it as a space being cleared for FAR better things to be constructed?

Our highest Self is ever present in the process of deconstruction. There is some level of intention in all of it—even if we can\’t see it right now.

“Did I really intend my business to fall apart?”
“Did I really intend my relationship to fall apart?”
“Did I really intend to have a car accident?”
“Did I really intend to come into this life with the DNA of addiction and depression?”

Answering these questions with a definitive “yes” or “no” often keeps us stuck or in resistance, so instead, try asking: “What space did these deconstructing, dramatic and potentially deadly events create for me to become present, discover inner strength and have the possibility of creating something entirely new that serves me better?”

That\’s a bit of a mouthful, so for the sake of simplicity, you can try this instead…

“What space do these events create for a more blissful way of being?”

This is the uncomfortable space of ALL possibilities. When we embrace it completely, we can start to see rapid, beautiful, mind-boggling miracles of manifestation and Bliss in our lives.

It\’s just a matter of leaning into it.

Begin to feel and acknowledge the newness coming through, rather than getting dragged back into the drama. This is where the magic happens. Patience.

The crux of this process is the combination of:

  1. non-attachment,
  2. gratitude and
  3. awareness (of your unbreakable oneness with All Possibility in every moment).

To me these are the 3 MasterKeys to radical transformation (find out more about the MasterKeys).

We\’d all love it to be faster—and you can speed up the process of manifestation with practice— but for now, hold space. Allow what is to be as it is. Ask better questions. Lean into the void and let the possibility of an entirely new and more amazing experience infect your mind and life.

“Be attached to nothing. Be grateful for everything.”
—Dr David Che

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