Emotional Self Care Through Spiritual Awakening Experiences

[An excerpt from the book, Buoyant]

Have you ever had that feeling of just wanting to explode from the inside out—to break out of a feeling or situation? I used to get it all the time. Mostly it would feel like a ROAR from within…. the Great Lion of my heart wanting to break out of the small cage I had accepted for my life.

It\’s the neverending urge to awaken to our highest and most powerful truth: that we live in an inside-out reality—that we are Spirit having a human experience, that our body is not our true self, that our inner state influences our outer state. To learn to accept this results in the possibility of deeper spiritual awakening experiences, and it is these awakening experiences that nourish our soul.

It\’s the ultimate in emotional self care.

Want to know how to unlock your cage? Keep reading…

First up, what is a “spiritual awakening”?

In simple terms it\’s about moving from seeing and receiving to BEing and creating.

It\’s knowing that truth is relative.

In my many years of design and business branding I came to understand one crucial factor: an audience\’s perception of a business is what determines outcomes for that business, and that perception is created by positioning (how the business “frames” itself in the audiences mind).

Let me break this down a little more for you…

It\’s pretty classic glass-half-full stuff really, but from a higher programmatic level. If we\’re talking about our “experience”, how we perceive a situation determines the outcome of our feelings. If I think something is “wrong” or “bad”, then my feelings will correspond negatively with that perception. The position we take on something creates that perception.

It\’s like when we stand on one side of a large building, we see it one way (perhaps gloriously lit by sunshine, illuminating it\’s best features), and when we stand on the opposite side, we may see it totally differently (perhaps dark and dirty from the position of the building\’s back alley).

The important thing is that both aspects are “true” from those positions. Hence, from what I can tell, ALL truth is relative.

From a much higher point in our possible perception, we see only unity — oneness… we see that the truth is that we—or I (as this singular unified field of consciousness)—create all things and are responsible for all things, and that we are all things. That as we heal ourselves with love, light and forgiveness, we are healing an aspect of the whole. That there is no real distance between the aspects of our (greater) self that we are presently focussing on in the illusion or Maya of our linear time-space experience and any other aspect of the whole… So, herein sits these “spiritual awakening experiences”—these moments where we realise that we can BE something else in that moment… that we can switch from focussing on aspects that don\’t serve us to aspects that do.

It\’s the most powerful way for emotional self care: to nurture ourselves by simply choosing to BE a different state, by taking a different position and perspective in the timeless-spaceless spectrum of all possibilities available to us in every moment (regardless of the outer circumstances). Of course, it\’s challenging for our logic-based minds to understand, so let\’s look at it another way…

Recoding our outer experience from within.

Over the 20-something years in my business, I\’ve created a LOT of websites. These days you can get a basic website from WordPress.com or similar sites, and you never see what goes into the creation of that website — you never see the code behind it.

But when I started, the ONLY way to create a website was with code first… and of course this is still true—without the code, there\’s no website. It\’s just that smart people have built beautiful systems that bring predefined code snippets together at the press of a button to produce the end result.

The downside of this is that, without knowing how to recode certain structural aspects, you\’re stuck with a website that was predefined by someone else. It\’s like those housing estates where all the houses look basically the same. It\’s uninspiring, restrictive and bland.

Our lives are exactly the same.

If we blindly accept our cultural biases, instructions on life given by our well-meaning parents, peers and teachers, and the face-value of what we see with our limited logic-based mind even, then our lives are equally limited. Predefined. Uncreative. Out of our control. Frustratingly fixed.

This is where we feel the ROAR from within…. the Great Lion of our heart wanting to break out of this small cage we accepted for our lives.

Can you see how resisting or failing to understand your own capacity to control the code of your life might create emotional disorders? If you were a wild lion put in a cage, first you may be fearful and confused, then you might pace—frustrated and angry, then you might eventually fall into hopelessness and depression (which is suppressed anger), or you may just choose to forget yourself, accept your caged fate and live out a dull, cookie-cutter life as predefined by your captors.

None of those states are who you truly are.

Once we awaken to the fact that we can access and edit the code (take a new position and reframe our lives)—that we can project a different or more awakened experience into being (like how a quick change in code can completely and immediately alter the way a website looks and operates)—THEN we can literally feel whatever we want to feel… which of course, will be…

  • loved
  • peaceful
  • joyful
  • complete
  • abundant
  • inspired
  • creative
  • powerful

…the things that we, from our highest perspective, know that we already are.

Last night I was experiencing a lower state and this morning it continued, until I chose differently. I forgave myself for stepping back in the cage. I recoded my perspective. I took a new position … and it changed instantly. I feel the wild wind in my mane and the freedom of Being.

Now it\’s your turn! There\’s no lock on the cage. There never was.

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